Room Parents

THANK YOU for taking on the very important role as Room Parent.  Some of you are veteran RP's and for some of you this may be your first time.  Each classroom may have more than one room parent and parents can act as co-room parents (with all room parents taking on the responsibility of representing the PTA). Regardless, all of you will play vital roles in making our classes and entire school run smoothly and efficiently.

Generally, you should expect to be the one to collect money from your class for teacher gifts throughout the year (see the attached for details regarding collecting money for gifts).  You will most likely be the one to organize volunteers for class functions and parties and to arrange to collect supplies (ie; plates, napkins, etc.) when needed.  You will be your teacher's right hand person when they need help and each individual teacher should meet with you at the beginning of the year to discuss their expectations.

The PTA will depend on you to pass along communications to your class parents (mostly forwarding emails, but occasionally distributing flyers too).  We count on you to rally for our school and encourage and organize parent participation in school events.  We depend on you for support in making Malcom the best school it can be!

We are all on the same team with the same goal.  Our goal is to make Malcom a happy and wonderful place to be a student, parent and teacher!

Thank you for all of your help and support! 

We couldn't do this without YOU!

New 2019-2020 Handbook Coming Soon!